I’ve applied – what happens next?

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What happens next? 

Your application is currently being assessed by the relevant academic panel(s). The selection process consists of a number of stages, key dates are outlined below:

Notification of invite to interview Tuesday 28th February 2017
Interview week Week commencing Monday 13th March 2017
Award offers made Wednesday 29th March 2017
Deadline for awardee acceptance Friday 28th April 2017

What happens if I am offered a studentship with the SWW DTP?

After interviewing you will be notified by email whether you have been offered an award from the SWW DTP. You will then need to confirm whether you accept or decline the offer.

If you accept, we will email you a formal award letter which lays out key details of the studentship.

What happens if I am not offered a studentship with the SWW DTP?

The next studentship competition will begin in November 2017. You may apply again as long as you meet the eligibility criteria for an SWW DTP award in that round.

SWW DTP Feedback Procedure:

If you would like to request feedback then please email swwdtp-enquiries@bristol.ac.uk. Requests should be made as soon as possible after the decision, and always before the end of the award cycle (Friday 28th April 2017). Requests for feedback after that date will not be considered. The SWW DTP will only correspond about a decision with the applicant.

For full guidance on the feedback procedure please click here: Feedback Procedure 2016-17

SWW DTP Complaints Procedure:

Applicants have no right of appeal against a decision not to offer them a studentship with the SWW DTP. Because of the level of competition for places, there will inevitably be occasions when an applicant disagrees with a selection decision. Providing that the decision can be shown to have been reached fairly and in accordance with published selection criteria, the original decision will not be overturned. However, should an applicant believe that the SWW DTP’s principles and procedures for assessment have been inconsistently or incorrectly applied, these complaints procedures provide a mechanism for objective review for applicants:

  • Stage one: informal complaint
  • Stage two: formal complaint

For full guidance on the SWW DTP’s complaints procedure, please click here: Complaints Procedure 2016-17