Dr Aidan Tynan




Languages and Literature: English Language and Literature, Cultural Studies and Popular Culture, Languages and Literature (including American Studies, Life-writing, History and Development of English Language, Literary and Cultural Theory, Post-Colonial Studies, Comparative Literature, Medieval Literature, Comparative Studies, Gender and Sexuality)

Broad Key Words

modern and contemporary literature; critical theory; cultural studies

Specialist Key Words

Deleuze and Guattari; ecocriticism; climate fiction; postmodern literature e.g. Pynchon, Ballard, DeLillo, William S. Burroughs


energy humanities; environmental humanities; ecocriticism; critical theory; poststructuralism; new materialism; psychoanalysis; object oriented and speculative realist approaches

SWW2 Theme Alignment

Environmental and regional pasts and futures, Polities, policies and values, Visual and textual aesthetics and materialities

SWW2 Method Alignment

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Academic URL

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