Dr Carlo Cenciarelli




Music, Media: Film History, Theory and Criticism, Media: New Media/Web-Based Studies

Broad Key Words

Music; Film; Sound; Listening; Technology

Specialist Key Words

Listening Cultures; Post-classical cinema; History of Technology; Mobile Music; New Media; Cultural borrowing; Minimalism


cultural studies; critical theory; textual analysis; reception studies; transmedia studies; sound studies; media archaeology; My research sit at the intersection between musicology, film studies, sound studies and media studies; current project focuses on cinema's contribution to 20C and early-21C listening culture; previous projects include the cinematic appropriation of Western art music and the place of opera in digital culture.

SWW2 Theme Alignment

Visual and textual aesthetics and materialities, Cultural transmission, translation and migration

SWW2 Method Alignment

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Academic URL

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