Dr Erhan Aslan




Languages and Literature (including American Studies, Life-writing, History and Development of English Language, Literary and Cultural Theory, Post-Colonial Studies, Comparative Literature, Medieval Literature, Comparative Studies, Gender and Sexuality), Languages and Literature: English Language and Literature, Media: New Media/Web-Based Studies

Broad Key Words

computer-mediated communication, Web 2.0, multimodality, language learning and technology, Teaching and learning English as a second language, sociolinguistics, intercultural pragmatics

Specialist Key Words

internet memes, humour, metacommentary. email communication, language teaching methodology, curriculum design, technology-enhanced language instruction, individual differences in second language learning, second language learner identities, second language pragmatic competence, intercultural communication, politeness, accents, language ideologies


digital discourse analysis, content analysis conversation analysis, qualitative methods and analyses, corpus analysis, mixed-methods research

SWW2 Theme Alignment

Cultural transmission, translation and migration, Visual and textual aesthetics and materialities

SWW2 Method Alignment

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Academic URL

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