Dr Heiko Feldner




Philosophy, History, Political Science and International Studies (Diplomacy & International Relations), Languages and Literature: German Studies (including Dutch and Yiddish)

Broad Key Words

Critical Theory, Marxism, Poststructuralism, Modern German history, German Democratic Republic, Ideology Critique, Ideology Critique, Critique of political economy, Capitalism and crisis, German intellectual history, Contemporary Germany, Political philosophy, Historiography and historical theory, National Socialism

Specialist Key Words

Critique of work, Marx, Zizek, Foucault, Third industrial revolution, Digital automation, Crisis of work society, Biopolitics, German unification, The new right, Retrotopia, Technotopia, History of East Germany, Ideology and domination, 2008 economic crisis, Meaning of 1989


Socio-Analysis, Critique of Ideology, Critique of political economy, Dialectical Materialism, Historical Materialism, Epistemontology, Critical Theory, Transdisciplinary approaches

SWW2 Theme Alignment

Conflict and post-conflict, Polities, policies and values, Visual and textual aesthetics and materialities, Environmental and regional pasts and futures

SWW2 Method Alignment

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Academic URL

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