Professor Teresa Dillon




Visual Arts (covering Art Theory & Aesthetics; Community Art; Installation and Sound Art History, Theory and Practice; Film-Based and Time-Based History, Theory and Practice)

Broad Key Words

Techno-civic; survival; performance practices; maintenance and repair cultures; interspecies relationships; sonic folklores and histories of the build environment; data and digital rights; surveillance and its effects; and the creation of free and open source civic resources.

Specialist Key Words

Media Art Practices since mid-90s, Art Collectives since 1960s, Artistic practices in urban space, Learning in Cities, Learning through the built environment; Technology Based Collaborative and Cooperative Learning, Internet and Society, Surveillance Societies; Network and Algorithmic Governance


Critical, hacking, open source, commoning, feminist, queer, social, collaborative, interdisciplinary, discoursive, caring,

SWW2 Theme Alignment

Cultural transmission, translation and migration, Environmental and regional pasts and futures, Polities, policies and values, STEMM subjects and objects, Visual and textual aesthetics and materialities

SWW2 Method Alignment

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Academic URL

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