The SWWDTP employs a number of academic, administrative and student-led teams and boards to manage operations and development of the partnership, offer support to students, and showcase research activity.

Management Board

The Management Board oversees the strategic development of the DTP. Each consortium member has a representative on the Board. Members are often senior university academic with management responsibility for research, or postgraduate education. The Board is chaired by an academic from Senior University Management at the University of Bristol, which hosts the DTP. The Director reports to the Management Board.

Programme Delivery Board

The Programme Delivery Board manages the DTP’s operations within each consortium member institution. Each institution has an academic member and a professional services member on the Board. The Chair of the DTP’s Student Committee, a current DTP student, is also a member of the Board. The Board is chaired by the Director.

The Hub Team

The Hub Team manages the DTP’s activities, including student recruitment and training. The Hub is based at the University of Bristol, the host institution of the DTP. The Hub Team includes a Manager, a Training and Collaboration Facilitator, a Media and Marketing Coordinator, and an Administrator. The Director works closely alongside the Hub Team.

The Student Committee

The Student Committee consists of two student representatives from each of the consortium member institutions, one to represent DTP1 student interests and the other to represent DTP2 student interests.  At least one representative is a Student-led Award student, and at least one is a Collaborative Doctoral Award student.

Representatives are selected by their home institutional cohort peers at the beginning of each academic year. The Chair of the Committee is one of the student members, elected by the Committee members at a special meeting early in the academic year.

The Committee meets three times a year, once in each term. The Director attends the Student Committee meetings.

The Research Clusters

The Research Clusters bring together students from across the consortium who share cross-disciplinary research interests and/or methodologies. These are student-led and student-delivered, with financial and dissemination support provided by the Hub Team.

An annual Cluster Day is held at the end of the first term to showcase each cluster’s activities to new and continuing students, and to encourage the establishment of new clusters. Each Cluster also contributes to the theme development for our annual Summer Research Festival and its programme.

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