Each of SWW2’s 10 partner institutions provide doctoral researchers with access to exemplary world class expertise and supervisory support during their PhD.

There are hundreds of supervisors to choose from to ensure that you receive the best fit for the successful completion of your project and from whom you can learn the bespoke knowledge and skills needed during your doctorate and beyond. Use the search facility below to find your supervisory team.

Search tips:

  • The search uses autocomplete to add in the institutions(s) or search terms(s) which you select from the dropdown.
  • You will need to enter at least one institution from AC-NMW, Aberystwyth, Bath Spa, Bristol, Cardiff, Cranfield, Exeter, Reading, Southampton, or UWE
  • You will need to use AND or OR for the search query of the search term items returned from the autocomplete as the join of the search. So AND must have all the search terms and OR has at least one of the search terms.
  • Search key words that reflect your broad research area e.g. classics, Russian and Soviet history, post-colonial etc.
  • Search for consortium institutions, SWW2 themes, and SWW2 methods.
  • Search specific key words that reflect your research interest e.g. magic realism, spatial theory, auditory culture etc.
  • Search for methodologies and approaches – for example interdisciplinary, textual analysis, comparative, feminist, digital etc.