SWW DTP PGR Rebecca Shaw standing in large old city square

The three minute thesis competition, which was originally started at the University of Queensland in Australia, involves effectively communicating your research in only three minutes. An 80,000 word PhD would take 9 hours to present, so distilling your research into a three minute presentation requires excellent communication and presentation skills.

Rebecca’s presentation, titled The Story of the Augustan Marriage Legislation, focused on the narrative methodology that she is using to study this ancient body of Roman law. She told us that she found final itself nerve-racking, especially after a busy day showcasing her research in the wider Research without Borders event at Colston Hall, Bristol.

Rebecca’s home institution is the University of Bristol; she is co-supervised at the University of Exeter.

A video of her presentation will now be sent to the regional semi-finals, and if she is successful there, she will be presenting her three minute thesis in the final in Birmingham in September.