Bramber Castle ruins


Subject introduction

The lives of frontier communities are shaped by contact, including moments of conquest and colonisation. One such moment, the Norman Conquest of 1066, was pivotal in England’s history. Focussing on communities living in Sussex, the county where William the Conqueror landed, this project asks how domestic life at the frontier was impacted by this iconic event.

Were new practices adopted, or was the home an arena for resistance? How did its impact vary within and between communities? It will both expand our understanding of the Norman Conquest of England and offer comparative potential for wider studies of conquest, colonisation, and everyday life.

Archaeological investigations in the Adur Valley (West Sussex) have substantial potential for investigating the impact conquest. Material from excavations in Steyning, at Botolphs and Bramber Castle, form the centrepiece of WMAG’s medieval collection.

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