Consortium Training

Glastonbury Tor by Bhagesh Sachania

SWW DTP students have access to each institution’s subject, researcher and professional skills training. Regardless of where you are registered to study or which institution offers the training, you can apply to undertake any of the modules available at our consortium institutions that may be of value to you.

Training Needs Analysis

Students undertake a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) in collaboration with their supervisors each October.  The TNA is an annual assessment of each student’s training requirements for the year ahead. The DTP uses the TNAs to support each student’s ongoing researcher and professional development by helping them to access the training they need to be successful. sww-dtp__engineers-house-november-2015__45[1]

M-level modules

Students can apply to undertake M-level modules useful to the progression of their research at any of the eight consortium institutions.

Researcher development and professional skills training modules

There are hundreds of training modules across the consortium open to SWW DTP students. With a mixture of workshop-based and online modules, students are given the tools to succeed during their PhD and are also provided with a solid foundation for success in their future careers.

Please click below to view the range of researcher development and professional training modules that are currently available: