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Moderating Text and Tone for Different Audiences with Exeter Northcott

13th May 2021 @ 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

This training enables you to explore ways of communicating your research and its impact in a relaxed and inclusive environment.

About this Event

With the thematic research strands within the SWW DTP, and with the ongoing context of the Research Excellence Framework (REF), your ability to describe the impact of your research across disciplines and also beyond academia, is crucial.

This training enables you to explore ways of communicating your research and its impact in a relaxed and inclusive environment as well as gaining feedback from communications professionals who sit outside of the academic setting.

Schedule and further information (please note that you must be available for the morning and ONE afternoon session)

The format will consist of 2 zoom sessions with an independent learning task between sessions 1 and 2 (please note that it is important to complete this task to gain the most useful feedback and therefore get the most out of this training).

Session 1 encourages participants to explore with whom they communicate their work and why this is important. The session particularly focuses on why communication with non-specialists and the non-academic community matters. The session then goes on to invite a discussion of how content (particularly the impact of this content) is communicated to wider audiences.

The independent learning task between sessions encourages participants to moderate their thesis abstract or synopsis (in both text and tone) into an impact statement which entices new readership and communicates clearly the significance and reach of the work outside the academic setting.

Session 2 invites each participant to present their modified text to a small non-academic audience, who will provide feedback on what they have heard and summarise their understanding of the research including, crucially, what they perceive the impact of the work to be. There follows a general discussion of learning outcomes.

The non-academic audience will comprise Lisa Hudson (Exeter Northcott Producer, Children & Young People); Kelly Johnson (Marketing and Development Director) and Laura Van Wymersch (Marketing Manager). Both Kelly and Laura have extensive experience in press, social media and marketing communications and campaigns and will provide feedback on participants’ moderated text presentations.