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SWW DTP Public Speaking and Engagement Training

3rd May 2019 @ 9:30 am - 1:30 pm

This session introduces participants to storytelling and its application to the communication of academic research. Participants will be introduced to how a sense of story can enrich both the structure of their content and their delivery. The first half of the session will introduce practical exercises and creative approaches designed to hone participants’ use of body language, voice, gesture, tone, volume, pace and pause and will uncover how these elements can engage an audience. The second half will use traditional story structures as a starting point to consider how to structure engaging academic content. Bringing awareness to these key skills, the session allows participants to reconsider the potential of their body and their voice to communicate their work.


• Who’s in the room?: Introduction to the training, the trainer and participants. Opportunity for participants to pose key questions and voice outcomes they are looking for from the training.

• Natural Storytelling: warm up exercise which gets participants telling a non-research related story and exploring their existing storytelling skills.

• Natural Tools: a series of brief exercises which engage and limit different body language tools (i.e. working with and restricting the use of the head, hands, facial expression) and which engage and limit the use vocal tools (i.e. volume, tone, pitch)

• Structure on Stage: Introduction to traditional story structure via a short performance of a traditional story which participants then analyse and break down into key components.

• The Hero’s Journey: Facilitated discussion of story structure and how it can be applied to research.

• Research Narratives: An opportunity for participants to consider their research in light of traditional story structure and to try applying story structure to their research pitch (their answer to the question: what do you research?). (Exercise combines writing and speaking.)

• Bodies in Space: practical small group exercise allowing participants to explore the physical experience of being on stage in front of an audience.

• Audience Impact: Introduction of visual tools and written exercises which participants can use to help them consider emotional impact upon their audience. An opportunity for participants to apply these approaches to their research pitch.

• Take Aways & Next Steps: Reflections from participants on the training and what they will take forward in their work.

What to bring:

Participants are asked to bring a short extract of work with them. This should either be from a presentation you have previously delivered, or are looking to deliver. If you don’t have an extract from a presentation then it could be an extract from your written research.


Room 3.33, Wills Memorial Building, Bristol, BS8 1RJ
Wills Memorial Building
Bristol,BS8 1RJ
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