DTP Placements

Berkshire Downs. Photo by tristanf / Flickr

SWW DTP students can take advantage of the exciting opportunity to undertake placements with the consortium’s partners and other non-affiliated organisations during or at the end of their studentship.

There are two types of placement:

  • Specific project-related work or the learning of methodological skills that directly relate to the completion of a student’s project
  • Careers and employability experience

Feedback on the placement opportunities supported by the SWW DTP:

Matt's Experience

“Throughout August and September I was fortunate to spend two months on a DTP placement at the British Museum where I worked on a diverse assemblage of archaeological finds from Piercebridge, Darlington reported to the Portable Antiquities Scheme. As well as improving my identification and recording skills, the placement taught me how to prepare a large assemblage for assessment and analyse different object categories to a professional standard. I also had the unique opportunity to learn about the treasure process and what this entails.

I would just like to place on record my thanks to the SWW DTP for giving me the chance to take part in such a fascinating project and express how valuable the opportunity was both personally and professionally. Being part of a project that helped me prepare for my preferred career in artefact analysis was thoroughly rewarding.”

Kirsten's Experience

“I am working in Wales on the Heritage Lottery Fund project ‘Living Levels’ involving 12 organisations including the RSPB, National Trust and the Wildlife Trust. I am creating educational resources that link the archaeology and heritage of the area with nature conservation, the prehistoric footprints are an important part of this.

I wanted to tell you how successful I have found this aspect of the SWW DTP. It has been an amazing experience. I have had the chance to work with nationally important organisations, have been sent on training and conferences by the RSPB and have been given the opportunity to entirely plan a course of action in educating people about the importance of the history and heritage of the Gwent Levels. It has also helped me to decide on a career path.

This placement has been a wonderful opportunity and it is a completely worthwhile aspect of the funding.”