Professional Arts and Humanities Researcher Programme

Glastonbury Tor by Bhagesh Sachania

The Professional Arts and Humanities Researcher Programme

The Professional Arts and Humanities Researcher Programme (PAHRP) is a unique feature of the SWW DTP experience. The programme provides an introduction to the approaches, methods and skills that are essential for the 21st century researcher but unlike typical, generic development courses this training is tailored to the needs of researchers in the Arts & Humanities. The programme will equip you for the next stage of an academic career but it also designed to enable you to navigate professional Arts & Humanities contexts outside academia in the Arts, Media, Heritage, and Third Sector worlds.digital-humanities-day-cardiff-september-2015--30

The PAHRP is split into six strands:

  • Introduction to the DTP and professional researcher practice
  • Digital humanities
  • Public engagement
  • Knowledge exchange
  • Impact
  • What’s next?

The programme is primarily delivered at the biannual cohort meetings but is supported via the SWW DTP Knowledge Hub (our on-line communication and information centre for SWW DTP Researchers).

Feedback from SWW DTP students:

‘Introduction to the DTP and professional researcher practice’ cohort day:digital-humanities-day-cardiff-september-2015--25

  • “Met the @SWWDTP cohort at spectacular #Corsham today – lots of interdisciplinary discussions and connections! #PhD
  • “Great day at #SWWDTP induction event. Really been lovely to meet everyone and start interesting discussions. @swwdtp
  • “Exhausted but enthused after a great day with #SWWDTP. Lots of exciting projects underway and some very splendid people.”
  • “Really enjoyed the @SWWDTP induction yesterday! Wonderful to be part of a network with such diverse research projects!”
  • #SWWDTP – What a day! Intriguing conversations with people doing fascinating work in beautiful surroundings. A great start!”

‘Digital Humanities’ cohort day:

‘Public Engagement’ cohort day:

  • “Looking forward to learning more about how to engage the public at Bristol with
  • interesting activity just designed a activity aimed at prisoners under the theme of memory!”

‘Knowledge Exchange’ cohort day:

  • “Really useful and enjoyable morning going over presentation skills at today’s cohort day! Paul Jepson is a great speaker!”
  • “Thank you for communication training at today. I’m definitely going to be using skills learned today alot!”