SWWDTP studentships are for three years and eight months as standard or part-time equivalent. If significant training needs or placement opportunities are identified, extensions may granted to a maximum of four years funding or part-time equivalent.

Full-time Studentships at 2023/24 rates

A full-time studentship award comprises:

  • Full payment of tuition fees to the value of £4,712 per annum (or part-time equivalent)
  • A maintenance stipend of £18,622 per annum (or part-time equivalent)

Part-time students should contact their home institution for more information about the part-time equivalent of the full-time studentship.

CDA maintenance payment

£550 per annum is added to the student stipend for CDA students. This is intended to help towards any additional costs incurred by CDA studentships due to the need to work at the non-HEI partner site.

Read more about current rates in UKRI information on how to find studentships and doctoral training.

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