SWW DTP Subjects Overview

Cherhill, Wiltshire. Photo by Vertigogen / Flickr
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SWW DTP Subjects

The DTP welcomes and encourages single-subject and interdisciplinary applications that are identifiably located within the subjects found in the menu below.

Any such applications will be assessed by the existing DTP panels (either cross-panel or by an individual panel) and can only be assessed by specialists in the areas found here.

Criteria in relation to visual culture/arts:

The DTP can fund research into the critical study of ‘visual culture/arts’ across the range of Humanities disciplines (Modern Languages, History, et al.) and the critical study of ‘visual culture/arts’ in a practice setting, i.e. visual arts-in-performance (theatre, film, television) and exhibition, providing the base discipline of the application is located in the list of fundable subjects provided. However, the DTP cannot fund (the act of) creating visual arts, and reflection (critical or otherwise) thereon.

Browse the subject descriptions below to learn about the scope and excellence of the Partnership’s research activities in each discipline: