Translation Studies


Dr Tilmann Altenberg (Cardiff) Subtitling and translation studies, from and into Spanish translation

Prof Michelle Bolduc (Exeter) Translation and rhetoric from classical Greece and Rome to modern Paris and Brussels; translation theories; French

Dr David Clarke (Bath) Memory politics; cultural diplomacy

Dr Adalgisa Giorgio (Bath) Italian women’s writing; gender issues in Italy; Italian identity and migration; Neapolitan identity

Dr Dorota Goluch (Cardiff) Translation from a postcolonial perspective; translation and reception of postcolonial literature; similarity and solidarity between Poland/Eastern Europe and postcolonial countries

Dr Kate Griffiths (Cardiff) Adaptation, multimedia, translation theory, 19th c literature, 20th century French, cultural translation

Dr Ting Guo (Exeter) Western scientific and literary discourses on sexuality in Chinese; Chinese film

Dr Rebecca Kosick (Bristol) Experimental and intermedial translation; image and text studies; new materialisms and object-oriented ontologies; theories and philosophies of translation; 20th century art and poetry in the Americas (Spanish America, Brazil, and the United States), particularly concrete poetry and text art

Dr Daniela La Penna (Reading) Modern Italian Poetry; twentieth-century avant-gardes; fantastic fiction; multilingualism in Italian literature and culture; publishing history; translation studies

Prof Catherine Léglu (Reading) Old Occitan literature; multilingualism and translation in French medieval culture; Old French lyric poetry; Middle French romance and didactic texts

Prof Francoise Le Saux (Reading) French Medieval literary history, particularly issues of translation and cultural adaptation in the Middle Ages and Arthurian literature; edition of texts in Old French, Middle Welsh, Old Irish, Old Norse, Medieval Latin

Dr Emily Lygo (Exeter) Russian Poetry, especially of the Soviet period, Soviet Literary Politics and Policy, Literary Translation in Russia, Anglo-Soviet Relations

Dr Eliana Maestri (Exeter) Contemporary women’s studies; Italian Australian migrants and visual artists; Translation Studies in French and Italian

Dr Muireann Maguire (Exeter) Modern Contemporary Literature; Translation in Russian

Dr Richard Mansell (Exeter) Translator Strategies and Translation History; Twentieth Century Catalan Culture; Translations

Dr Cristina Marinetti (Cardiff) Translation and theatre/stage performance

Dr Lucas Nunes Vieira (Bristol) Translation and editing processes, with particular emphasis on post-editing of machine translation; translation technology; corpus-based translation studies; professional issues in translation

Dr Carol O’Sullivan (Bristol) Audiovisual translation, early screen translation practices, translation studies, translation history, literary translation

Dr Nina Parish (Bath) Text and image – French Literature/ visual arts (modernism, avant-gardes, poetry, digital practice, the artist’s book); text and image; museums of migration

Prof Chloe Paver (Exeter) Cultural Memory, esp. Third Reich and  GDR;  Fiction since the Wende; translation in German

Professor Loredana Polezzi (Cardiff) Translation, migration and travel; translation and diaspora; translation and identity; Italian translators and translations

Dr Bradley Stephens (Bristol) adaptation, intercultural translation, and new media

Dr Helena Taylor (Exeter) Early Modern French literature; Classical reception and women’s writing; translation in French

Dr Helen Vassallo (Exeter) Franco-Algerian relations; gender studies; translation; contemporary French and Francophone women’s writing; life writing; illness narratives and narratives of war

Professor Fabio Vighi (Cardiff) Conceptualisation of translation

Professor Robert Vilain (Bristol) 19th- and early 20th-century literary translation, poetry, bilingualism

Dr Julia Waters (Reading) Twentieth-century and contemporary French and Francophone literature; women’s writing; Francophone literature of the Indian Ocean; feminist and postcolonial theory, contemporary Mauritian literature; translation studies and translingualism in Francophone writings

Professor Adam Watt (Exeter) Modern French Literature, esp. Proust and poetry; Translation Studies

Dr Xiaochun Zhang (Bristol) Audiovisual Translation, Game Localisation, Translation Technology, and Translation and Culture in the Chinese Context