Your research project will be supported by collaborative supervisory teams drawn from two of the consortium universities.

The SWW DTP offers joint supervision arrangements between its partner universities. Our students are provided with unrivalled access across institutional boundaries to the most relevant and cutting edge expertise on offer across our consortium, ensuring an exceptional breadth and depth of coverage for your project.

Your collaborative cross-institutional supervisory teams will work together, and with you, to ensure you receive the bespoke training you need to develop both your disciplinary and where appropriate, inter-disciplinary knowledge, skills and expertise. In addition to the development opportunities within the academic partners your supervisory team will also help you identify development opportunities with our non-academic partner organisations including mentoring, placements, technical skills and more.

Each of the SWW DTP’s eight partner institutions provide doctoral researchers with access to exemplary world class expertise and supervisory support during their PhD.
There are hundreds of supervisors to choose from to ensure that you receive the best fit for the successful completion of your project and from whom you can learn the bespoke knowledge and skills needed during your doctorate and beyond.

If you are still looking for the right supervisor(s) for your project, please use the box on the right to search by your project area or your preferred supervisor’s area of expertise. You will be taken to a list of the relevant pages of the website on which to find potential supervisors to work with.